The Werewolf (1956)

The Werewolf (1956)

Country: USA

Director:  Fred F. Sears

Main Stars:  Don Megowan, Joyce Holden, Eleanore Tanin, Steven Ritch

Storyline:  A young man has forgotten everything and wanders the countryside killing and looking for help.

Review (Spoils): As a man (Steven Ritch) kills someone who was trying mug him and leaves traces as of an animal the moron sheriff (Don Megowan) of the town is on the case. As he gets his men of the town to help him hunt down the killer, a young woman and her son are looking for her lost husband who was last heard of from a car accident and met some doctors. (no idea why she is so calm and know so much but anyways). While hunting down this man/wolf creature the missing man comes back and asks for help which just happens to be another doctor and the father of the sheriff love interest (Joyce Holden). The chain of events in this film are shocking! (not think on plot here). The rest of the film is everyone chasing down the werewolf and firing a pile of guns.

This film’s plot/story line is pretty thin and the dialog to be honest is funny and great. The sheriff alone with his actions is comical. The love interest is funny also because she is so gentle and really you can feel no connection between the two even though it is supposed to be there. The best part of the whole film though is the werewolf make up. This part I am serious it was great for its time and fun to watch the drool.

We have lots of crazy gun fire, bear trap, some claw marks and blood on the snow. Some interesting hairy hands and face make up and tons of drool!

Rating:  Outside of the laughable film this is actually entertaining and not a terrible werewolf film for kicks. I could see this having a small cult following, and it was nice fun little classic monster gem to find.

5/10 Beers! Yacker

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House of Dark Shadows (1970)

House of Dark Shadows (1970)

Country: UK

Director:  Dan Curtis

Main Stars:  Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Kathryn Light Scott, Nancy Barrett, Roger Davis, Barbara Cason

Storyline:  The vampire Barnabas is released, and he wants to fine his true love and will not stop for nothing as he is haunted by this curse.

Review (Spoils): The dark forgotten Barnabas (Jonathan Frid) is released from his chained-up coffin and he comes back to fin youth and love. Portraying as a long-lost relative he spends time at a mansion called the Collinwood Estate as he uses his domination to create followers and chases the ones that he loves. This vampire is unlike others as his charm is strong as women are finding themselves deeply in mad love with him and will not stop for nothing for his attention.

This film is very different than the regular vampire like films as it has a very dark, sexual Hammer like feel to it but at the same it lacks explanation. The film starts off like you missed a whole storyline as it just jumps right in without any back story. This does hurt the film to be honest as a lot of the beginning you are confused and bored. But about half through the film it does start to shine.

There is no lack of vampire teeth, neck bites and bright red blood in this film. We have crosses, wolves, stakes and tons of sexual tension (but no nudity) but lots of 70s short skirts to keep you entertained. The make up for Barnabas actually at first you do not get it but once he shows his true self it is great! There is one nasty stake scene which I believe was the highlight of the film even though it was the death of beauty.

Rating:  This was started really bad and confusing but about halfway through it did shine as an underground gem and I actual enjoyed it. Sure, the women’s outfits helped a lot, but Jonathan Frid did shine. The film is off a tv series but to do a motion film you do need to explain yourself. But with the beauties of Kathryn Light Scott, Nancy Barrett this film is a vampire film worth a watch.

6/10 Beers! Yacker

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The Brain Eaters (1958)

The Brain Eaters (1958)

Country: USA

Director:  Bruno VeSota

Main Stars:  Ed Nelson, Alan Jay Factor, Cornelius Keefe, Leonard Nimoy

Storyline:  A strange cone like object comes out of the ground in a small town and aliens start to overtake people’s minds.

Review (Spoils): Riverdale was a quite place and nothing new really happens there until out of nowhere a strange cone like object comes out of the ground and resides there. As scientist and the government start to poke around and explore this strange ship/ craft thing local people start to act odd and even some die. One thing that can be found is that there are tiny little marks on the back of their necks. What can this mean to the people of this town?

Ok so this is your typical 50s monster movie as it is cheezie and not made to be taken seriously. We have Ed Nelson in the film which is not a surprise as he has done a number of this drive-in monster films. The film does not have gore but does have a semi cool close up of the aliens attaching to the back of the neck. But most of the film is just people poking around the cone and disappearing or becoming overtaken by this puppet master type creature from middle earth.

Rating:  There is nothing that really stands out from this film as they do not get really detailed on the aliens themselves and it is more of the investigation piece of what the hell the cone is and why. We even have a young Spock in the film, Leonard Nimoy. Yes it is not the greatest monster film nor is it really a classic but I imagine it does have some type of cult following.

4/10 Beers! Yacker

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Boogeyman II (2007)

Boogeyman II (2007)

Country: USA

Director:  Jeff Betancourt

Main Stars:  Danielle Savre, Matt Conen, Chrissy Calhoun, Mae Whitman, Renee O’Connor, Tobin Bell

Storyline:  A young woman now has the fear of the legendary boogeyman and has checked herself into a mental facility to get over her fears.

Review (Spoils): Young Laura (Danielle Savre) has had this demon like fear of the boogeyman.To overcome the fear, she is instated into a mental hospital (big surprise here) as she tries to battle and overcome her fears. She has had this fear since she was child so what makes sense but to check yourself in right? What makes things worse for Laura is the staff are all morons and the doctor is scary as hell (Tobin Bell). As she goes through the change of events and fears and meets more people with fears and phobias such as germs and the dark, we learn that the boogeyman has followed her there.

If you have watched the first one, well god bless you as it was not very good. I believe I gave it 2 beers because it was so damn painful of CGI. This film goes a totally different direction and which to me is a good thing. Now is this film amazing no not really as you feel a tad disappointed with the outcome as it is literally just a chasing game and follows a bit of the Nightmare on Elm Street vibe minus the wise cracks. Yes, there is some skin in the film and even some decent blood and gore without the crap of lame CGI. But it still did not deliver the full goods.

Rating:  This film is hard to rate and why without spoiling it, but the acting was not bad as I have seen a hell of a lot worse. Not as supernatural film as you would think but much better than the first film as it was complete garbage. You have some nudity and some cool death scenes and I believe there might even be an ode to Saw with Tobin Bell in this film.

5/10 Beers! Yacker

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The Hounds of Baskervilles (1959)

The Hounds of Baskervilles (1959)

Country: UK

Director:  Terrence Fisher

Main Stars:  Peter Cushing, Andre Morell, Christopher Lee, Marla Landi

Storyline:  Sherlock Holmes is hired to investigate a family curse at the Baskervilles estate.

Review (Spoils): As Sir Henry Baskerville (Christopher Lee) returns to the family estate located in a foggy moor area after his father dies strangeness starts to happen. The famous Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing) and his assistant Dr. Watson (Andre Morell) are hired to investigate as Sir Henry is being haunted by strange hounds that seem to be haunting the mansion.

Hammer films are legendary for horror so I could not pass this up plus my wife is a huge Sherlock Holmes and Hammer film fan. Once again in all its glory the sets are amazing and very gothic. Peter Cushing steals the show and fit the role just right. He has the perfect look and feel for the character. Christopher Lee takes the back-story character in this film as he graces the film but is not the full focal point.The characters are enjoyable and stand out and from my understanding it does not stand somewhat true to the novel. Not to ruin the film but the hounds are even enjoyable in the mists and glowing in eerie horror which you could not expect anything less from Hammer.

The only thing really missing in this film as it is Hammer is out of this world buxom dresses.

Rating:  Yet again Hammer delivers another classic haunting tale. This time not a monster film or massive killings with bright red blood and sexuality. But it is a classic tale of haunting and mystery in which Cushing is in a role that he was born to do. Definitely worth checking out.

6/10 Beers!


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Cry of the Werewolf (1944)

Cry of the Werewolf (1944)

Country: USA

Director:  Henry Levin

Main Stars:  Nina Foch, Stephen Crane, Osa Massen

Storyline:  A young woman is raised by gypsies and she holds the family curse of being a werewolf.

Review (Spoils):  As a local museum starts to share tales of the ancient bloodline of the LaTour family curse, the gypsies decide it is time for the great daughter Princess Celeste (Nina Foch) to cut loose. As the town is haunted with howls, wolf tracks and murder they will do anything to hold the LaTour family secret a secret.

The storyline is basically a police story with some comic relief, a love triangle and some curses and spells. As the gypsies do anything including tormenting Celeste to keep the family curse a secret and kill anyone in the path. And of course, she wants to fall in love also so that thrown into the plot.

The acting is bare bones in this one as sits pretty standard. The plot is a hit and miss as we are not sure what is really going on in the tormented mind of the young Celeste, but we do know she turns into a wold to kill. The werewolf is literally just a wolf running around town howling and killing. The transition is nothing more then a flick of shadow. Do not expect scares or blood much as this is literally people going into hidden tunnels and becomes a love triangle murder mystery.

Rating:  This film was pretty dry to be honest. The acting is ok and it was nice to see Nina Foch back on the screen.  But the werewolf part of the film was lacking as it was just a thin wolf howling and running around. The love triangle part was lame and it took a lot for myself to hold attention to the film.

4/10 Beers!


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Amityville: The Awakening (2017)

Amityville : The Awakening (2017)
Country: USA
Director: Frank Khalfoun
Main Stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne, Mckenna Grace, Cameron Monaghan

Storyline: A single mother and her family move into the old rumored haunted house. As time goes by the dark senses of the haunting start to affect their comatose son.

Review (Spoils): Joan (Jennifer Jason Leigh) moves her family into the once known around town haunted house. Hell, they even made a movie about it. As she moves her two young daughters (Bella Thorne, Mckenna Grace) and her comatose son (Cameron Monaghan) into the house things start to become disgruntle and weird. The eldest daughter Belle tries her hardest to find out what is going on with the house, why her mother is a nutty bitch, the health of her twin brother and of course being mad at the world. As she makes new friends at school one of them has the actual Amityville Horror film and gives her ideas. Ugh…………..

Ok so let’s start with the good its not a remake and we have Bella Thorn who actual does look great as a goth chick. So that was the good.

The bad for this film is a few things but the main one is … dear mother of god why would you make a film that shows that the first film was just a fucking movie. This is the dumbest idea ever! Total slap to the face to the classic and the series. That alone looses a 6 pack of beer points! Number two the CGI was beyond cheap and lame. The film has minor blood but really nothing special for horror except the typical gun shots.

Rating: Was this film worse than the haunted lamp or clock? No, it was not but the cop out of the lets just watch the movie and figure out what is going on in your house is just beyond dumb! Luckily Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a great crazy mom and Bella Thorne looks amazing as a goth chick. (No really she does!) Other than that nothing much other stands out for this film in the series.

Yacker 4/10 Beers!

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The Exterminating Angel (1962)

The Exterminating Angel (1962)
Country: Italy
Director: Luis Bunuel
Main Stars: Silvia Pinal, Jasqueline Andere, Enrique Rambal, Jose Baviera, Augusto Benedico

Storyline: A group of rich people at a dinner party get trapped within a room and unable to leave for some unknown or seen reason.

Review (Spoils): After a lavish dinner party at the mansion a group of well-off people are overwhelmed with a feeling that they cannot leave the room. The house staff all left before the party really got started as they felt they needed to leave the house. As the party continued the guests one by one started to feel dread and despair as they try to leave.

The whole setting for much of this film is the conflict of the guests as they are sitting within a room that they cannot leave for some unknown reason. As some of the ill ones start to die and they battle over who is leading, rumors, conflict of getting on each other nervous and of course hunger as they are trapped for a very long time. With a mix of weirdness and symbolism of sheep, bears and even chicken feet the film builds on the characters.

The horror of this film is just watching as the rich popular people are tortured with boredom and brought down to be the animals they see within the house. They cannot escape and the reason for this is not seen or explained. Do not expecting jumping scares of blood.

Rating: This disturbing and dark film realism on the characters and the conflict itself. There are no special effects or monsters except for the people themselves. Yes, the film can drag a little and be somewhat confusing if you do not have a open artistic mind while watching it. Watching the people breakdown is worth the horror and suspense of the film.

Yacker 6/10 Beers!

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Polaroid (2019)

Polaroid (2019)
Country: USA
Director: Lars Klevberg
Main Stars: Kathryn Prescott, Tyler Young, Samantha Logan, Keenan Tracey, Priscilla Quintana, Katie Stevens

Story line: A young photographer gets an old polaroid camera from a friend that seems to be haunted.

Review (Spoils): Young Bird (Kathryn Prescott) is a photographer fanatic and does not sit well with others are school as she has a scar that she keeps covered up around her neck. Her friend brings her a used old Polaroid camera as a gift, and she is amazed. He found it at an old yard sale. Through time as she is taking pictures of friends something strange starts to happen.

When they burn the picture, they learn that whatever is in the picture in order of the flame it happens directly to the person. This leads to craziness that has a shadow that moves from picture as a haunting ghost stalks them. This camera is beyond haunted!

Not to ruin or spoil anymore of the story line and movie this film is thick in back story. As crazy as it s sounds I actually liked the storyline and it started to become interesting. Also, for once these young people are not annoying and there was some decent character build.

If I loved, it so much why the low score of pints? Well the special effects are painful! This film had some much going for it and they ruined it by cheeping out by using god damn CGI. Fire/flames always looks like crap in CGI and a lot of the deaths in this one did look bad and cheesier. This hurt the film very badly!

The film gives is some sword armed CGI haunting man, fires, a hole through the hand (lame), crunched up bodies, gun shots, some jump scenes, lots of pictures being taken, off scene deaths and more CGI cheese that just ruins the film. You want to love the villain as a memorable horror creature, but you just can’t with these effects. Its all just too bad.

Rating: Overall for the story line and acting this film is worth checking out if you can ignore the bad special effects. Great job Kathryn Prescott.

5/10 Beers!


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Rise of the Zombie (2013)

Rise of the Zombie (2013)

Country: India

Director:  Luke Kenny, Devaki Singh

Main Stars:  Luke Kenny, Kirti Kulhari, Ashwin Mushran

Storyline:  A young photographer gets bit while alone out in the wild and becomes something feral

Review (Spoils): Young dink photographer Neil (Luke Kenny) comes and goes as he pleases. His girlfriend Vinny (Kirti Kulhari) gets finally fed up and leaves him. He takes off yet again in the forest somewhere isolated and alone and before you know it he gets mysteriously bit by something and things start to transform him.  Before long he is rotting and craving fresh meat and insects.

Let’s start with the good, the beautiful Kirti Kulhari was amazing and worth the watch. Another surprising good was the gore and special effects. Yes, it did have a Cabin Fever type feel but I was surprised by the transformation of the main character.

Okay now the bad which unfortunately destroyed this film, the goddamn music scenes! 50% of the time of this film I felt like I was watching cheap music videos on some TV station. All the music scenes were long and totally pointless. Each scene could have been a quick scene of the what was happening in the story. That’s it! It was beyond annoying and knocks this film right off the raider. Second downfall of the film was the flashbacks when he was struggling with what was going on in the transformation. Cheezie and much like the crap music scenes way too long and focused on it.

Rating:  Basically, this film was good gore and effects for a music video of a man who is alone and turning into a zombie in the forest. There you go I saved you some time!

3/10 Beers!


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