Raw Meat (1973)

Raw Meat (1973)

Country: UK

Director: Gary Sherman

Main Stars: Donald Pleasence, David Ladd, Sharon Gurney, Hugh Armstrong,

Storyline: People are slowly disappearing and getting murdered in the lower part of the London subway system. A young couple get trapped into the investigation.






Review: I heard of this movie a long time ago and then it became long and forgotten in my memory. I came across this movie once again when on a hunt for some gory films. Well this one sure does run red but there is something lacking in this film that I cannot put a finger on.

 It starts off with a top civil servant paying for a prostitute and the deal goes bad. Then all of sudden a madman appears and murders him! This is where the movie is partly lacking. There is no backdrop storyline for the murdering cannibal couple (Hugh Armstrong being the man) that live in the subway tunnels. I mean none! What happened to cause the couple to become killing maniacs? Because of this lack of backdrop the movie left me feeling “what was the point of the film”. The main storyline then becomes the young couple (David Ladd, Sharon Gurney) trying to prove they are innocent to the murder of the civil worker and then helping track down the killer. Sure the character Patricia (Sharon Gurney) is easy on the eyes, minus the 70s mullet but there just was not enough going on to keep me fully interested in the film. Donald Pleasence plays your typical inspector (similar to Halloween film but he is a doctor) but it still was not enough to fill my horror craving.

Rating: The film was not horrible but it was like I have said before above “lacking”. There is some good gore and nasty killings but to me it was a very average horror film.



5/10 Beers!


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