Peeping Tom (1960)

Peeping Tom (1960)

Country: UK

Director: Michael Powell

Stars: Karlheinz Bohm, Anna Massey, Moira Shearer

Storyline: A young wanna be movie film maker gets kicks out of filming people’s expressions of horror.





Review(Spoils): I heard that this film is seen as the very first real slasher horror film. Not sure if I would call him a slasher just like I would not call him a peeping tom. The character Mark Lewis (Karlheinz Bohm) is a lonely and troubled man that was driven to his perversions of seeing women in pain or in terror. (not a peeping tom). Huge difference!

There is some peeping in the film but the main part of his behavior is not. The acting is mid rate and what is with all the redheads maybe that is what he has a fetish for? It’s got an artsy feel I will give the movie that but I felt it could have been a whole lot more (for example the scene where he photographed the woman with the nasty mouth scar).

Rating: I felt the movie had some gaps and really the childhood part did not play out to really what would cause his mental illness. For that alone this film hits low for me. It just left a lot more to be desired.



5/10 Beers!



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