Nosferatu (1920)

Nosferatu (1920)

Country:  Germany

Director:  F.W Murneau

Main Stars: Max Schreck, Greta Schroder, Gustav Von Wangenheim

Storyline:  Count Orlock purchases from real estate from an agent named Hutter.  What he does not know is he is a vampire and has a craving for blood and for Hutter’s wife Ellen.






Review: We hit the silent era again for horror films. None are no greater known and better than Nosferatu. F.W Murneau takes the story of Count Dracula and changes it enough for copyright reasons (we blame Bram Stoker’s wife for this) to bring us the story of Count Orlock.

This film is very dark and captures the true darkness of the vampire. Unlike the later film Dracula. The castle shows the true gothic terror of the vampire, the work of shadows is well done (see the long claws sequence) and the lighting was used well (the close up of the rats in the coffin). Sure the make-up is over done but it was in most films of this age.

Count Orlock (Max Schreck) is amazing in this film, he took the character and made it believable. Thin, long faced, fangs, long talons and pointed ears he is a true monster of horror. The character is overly powerful for his size and he is true version of a vampire (see the scene with the coffin).

Rating:  The music in this film is a killer as in mood killer but that could be the version I have. This movie is  as classic as you can get as it is the true horror film of the silent period plus it is part of the German silent film era.



9/10 Beers!


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