Cat’s Eye (1984)

Cat’s Eye (1984)

Country:  USA

Director:  Lewis Teague

Main Stars: Drew Barrymore, James Woods

Storyline:  Three short stories of horror originally written by Stephen King based around a cat and his journeys.





Review (Spoils): So this movie is nailed down by three short films, The Quiters, The Ledge, The General.

The first film is The Quiters which is the best of the whole bunch. The background of this is the cat gets picked up by a NY doctor who helps people quit smoking by drastic means. Dick Morison (James Woods) wants to quit smoking so he joins up. He finds out it involves torturing a cat and his wife and some serious stalking to see successful. This is very interesting short story and it was well done.Plus it has James Woods.

The Ledge, the second story of the film is leaning more towards the poor man (Robert Hayes) who owes money to a Gamble Lord (Kenneth McMillan). The cat makes its way to the hotel room after being part of a bet.  Basically the story revolves around the Gamble lord watching the poor man walking the ledge around the hotel for a bet on his debt.

The last and final story is The General which the cat makes its way into the arms of a little girl named Amanda (Drew Barrymore). The storyline is simple the little girl is afraid at night in her room and feels there is something in there trying to kill her. It turns out she is right.

Rating:  This film was just ok not the greatest and very slim on plot. The first storyline was the best of the whole lot. There are way better Stephen King movies out there than this mix match thing.



3/10 Beers!


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