The Unknown (1927)

The Unknown (1927)

Country: USA

Director:  Tod Browning

Main Stars: Lon Chaney, Norman Kerry, Joan Crawford

Storyline:  An armless knife thrower from a circus is a fake and turns to the life of crime.





Review (Spoils): I ran across this film when I was searching for something new to watch but yet old. This short black and white film was quick surprise. We have a mixed up knife thrower from a circus named Alonzo (Lon Chaney )who is reaching fame for being one armed but the truth is he is a fake. Nanon (Joan Crawford) the daughter of the circus owner has stolen his heart but she is tied between Alonzo and Mirabar (Norman Kerry). Alonzo will do anything to win her.

This movie is very dark and it kept me glued to the screen for a silent film. Lon Chaney once again creates a character that is memorable and downright chilling. He truly is the Master of Horror.

Rating:  This is great movie if you do not mind silent films. Check this baby out and it has Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford so what are you waiting for!



7/10 Beers!


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