Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985)

Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985)

Country: Japan

Director:  Hideshi Hino

Main Stars: Hiroshi Tamura, Kirara Yugao

Storyline:  A woman gets mugged and kidnapped after walking alone in a back alley street. The film shows the dissection of the woman to transform her into a flower of blood and blood.






Review (Spoils): From the Guinea Pig series we have this short film of gore and blood.That narrows down the film period, there is not much plot and it is very much created just to shock. The film was created to feel like a true snuff film but it fails in that department. This movie fails on realism but it flows in red for gore and dismemberment. Also the samurai (Hiroshi Tamura ) character was extremely annoying.

Rating:  Bring on the gore and the blood with this one. Normally this would be a huge bonus for me but in this case it just is not enough. Gore just the sake of gore is not good enough and if anything it ruins the film. So this movie fails for me on this alone.  If you are looking to be shocked out and nothing more and have a hour to kill go for it but you will never go back to this film again.




2/10 Beers!


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