Bloody Reunion (To Sir with Love) (2006)

Bloody Reunion (To Sir with Love) (2006)

Country:  South Korea

Director:  Dae-wung Lim

Main Stars: Seong-won Jang, Eung-soo Kim, Yeong-seon Kim,

Storyline:  A group of elementary students return after many years to visit their former teacher Mrs. Park. This turns into a bloody reunion as someone is slowly torturing and killing them off one by one.









Review (Spoils):  Bring on the blood and bring on the gore, because this baby has it! This is not your typical horror slasher flick this one have lots of weird ideas and more twists than Sleepaway Camp. This film is actually pretty good and it was different than the typical ghost films that have been thrown at us lately. Sure the acting is not awesome but it kept me entertained.  Yes there is a lot of confused and plot holes in the storyline and the tale of the deformed child of teacher Mrs. Park is never really explained in full.  But one thing that we do learn is Mrs. Park is not the teacher you want to have taught you in school.

Rating:  It was something new and something fresh and for that it gets points. Yes there are some major unanswered questions but it worth checking out. I say pour a beer and sit back cheers to the reunion of Mrs. Park’s class.




6/10 Beers!



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