Gnaw (2008)

Gnaw (2008)

Country: UK

Director: Gregory Mandry

Main Stars: Hiram Bleetman, Carrie Cohen, Nigel Croft-Adams, Sara Dylan, Gary Faulkner, Rachel Mitchem, Julia Vandoorne, Jennifer Wren

Storyline:  Six friends head out to the countryside and it turns into a cannibal holiday as they are being hunted down for meat.







Review (Spoils):  Never heard of this film but the cover had myself intrigued.  We have six young good looking people heading to the countryside for a vacation.  We have donkey mouthed egotistic man so is too timing and knocked up the hot goth chick but being a penis about it cause he wants the perfect life with his stuck up blond girlfriend. Outside of that not much is important with the characters except they are good looking, young and being slaughtered by a madman (Gary Faulkner).  We don not get much on background story on why they are killing and eating people but we have lots of blood, gore, meat grinding and the acid burn.  Sure the madman is a memorable villain with his pitchfork and fur covered mask and his tenderness for the goth chick who is pregnant.

Rating:  Yes it’s another typical cannibal movie of this era. Too be honest it was not as painful as I thought it would be. Yes the storyline is well overdone but I have seen a hell of a lot worse.  Plus the characters are easy on the eyes. “Here kitty..kitty!”




5/10 Beers!



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