The Entity (1982)

The Entity (1982)

Country:  USA

Director:  Sidney J. Furie

Main StarsBarbara Hershey, Ron Silver

Storyline:  Supposedly based on a true story a woman becomes tormented and sexually attacked by a ghost.










Review (Spoils): The beautiful Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey )has a tough life she is a single mom with two children and trying to make ends meet but to top it off she is being attacked in her own house by a ghost or demon that is a sexual predator. She tries to explain this to the police that she cannot see nor know her attacker even though she has the marks. As it continues her friends and family start to disbelieve her and she starts going to a psychiatrist (Ron Silver) for help. After still constant attacks (which is very graphic) and useless advice from the doctor she goes to a tam of ghost chasers to help her capture the ghost.

I will give Sidney J. Furie props for such a touchy and graphic film. For its time this film was very controversial due to the topic and the special effects to bring the idea to light. Barbara Hershey did a outstanding job playing the victim and it must of been very hard for her do that scene lying on the bed (which is a classic horror scene even though t is a tough scene to watch) so for that alone and her acting the film holds. I did feel that towards the end the movie got rushed but this one of those films that you will remember watching.

Rating: This is not the greatest ghost film but it is one of the most unique and memorable due to the graphic and touchy topic it contains. A film on a woman who is being physically and sexually attacked by a ghost is not your everyday movie. This film might not be for everyone due to the nature but is still a classic horror film coming from the 80s era.




6/10 Beers!



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