The Return of the Fly (1959)

The Return of the Fly (1959)

Country: USA

Director: Edward Bernds

Stars: Vincent Price, Brett Halsey, Danielle De Metz

Storyline: 15 years after his father’s death and experiment Andre’s son tries to do what he father couldn’t.


Review (spoils): Philippe (Brett Halsey) wants to live up to his father’s footsteps. His uncle Francois (Vincent Price) tries to stop him before it starts all over again. Well it does and Philippe’s love Cecile (Danielle De Metz) wants help to transform her lover back to a human instead of the giant fly headed monster he has become. The film runs in the same vein as the first on and unfortunate it is not as entertaining. To be truthful it’s boring as hell. The acting is not all there and the giant fly head is totally laughable. Sure Danielle De Metz is easy on the eyes but not enough to keep this film flowing. Even the famous line “Help me” is ripped off here. The film just copied way too much from the original to be a worthy sequel.

Rating: I had hopes for this film because it had Vincent Price and Danielle De Metz but it dropped like a dead fly as it is boring as hell. It’s all too bad as The Fly was a great film.


2/10 Beers!


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