White Zombie (1932)

White Zombie (1932)

Country: USA

Director: Victor Halperin

Stars: Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy

Storyline: A young man goes to a witch doctor to help him lure a woman he loves from her fiancé but instead she becomes a zombie slave to do his bidding.










Review (spoils): A young man loves the beautiful eyed Madeline (Madge Bellamy) but she is engaged to another man. This leads him to go to Legendre (Bela Lugosi ) for help. What he finds out that he is a man of voodoo and he creates her like other members of his cult into a zombie slave under his control. He controls the young girl by carving a wax candle into her liking and uses it to his control. In the end the man wants to save her from being a slave and kills Legendre by pushing him off a rocky cliff and releasing her from his mental grasp.

The camera work in this film is well done (lots of eye shots) and the scenery is beautiful. But the storyline itself is kind of flawed and boring. Once Legendre is killed Madeline gets released so she can love again but the other zombies under his control walked off the cliff? This just seems cheesy and botched. The movie dragged on too long with the plot.

Rating: Sure it’s a classic and it has Bela Lugosi but there are better ones out there that involve zombies even if this one was one of the first. It sure is worth watching at least once if your into the voodoo type zombie films.




5/10 Beers!


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