The Alligator People (1959)

The Alligator People (1959)

Country:  USA

Director:  Roy Del Ruth

Main Stars:  Beverly Garland, Bruce Bennett, Lon Chaney Jr., Robert Crane

Storyline:  A husband goes missing never to be seen again. The wife tracks down the family southern estate to find all it not what it seems for them.










Review (Spoils):  The beautiful Joyce Webster (Beverly Garland) and her husband Paul (Robert Crane) are on trip and he disappears never to be seen again. Joyce comes upon her finding during her recollection of the journey to south to find her missing husband.  On her journey she comes into contact with alligators, drunkards (Lon Chaney Jr) and of course her lost husband in which his family was hiding. They took Paul and injected him with a strange formula which mixes his DNA to that of an alligator.

The movie effects are not the greatest as the actual alligator man is just a man with scales till the very end which he becomes more beast than man. This actually a pretty entertaining part of the film and the actual gator head is actually funny.  But the film does roll slowly to about the last 20min till it gets interesting.

Rating:  Not a classic monster by any means. The alligator man is an ok film but not classic of its time. I was hoping Lon Chaney Jr had a bigger part in this film but instead his character seemed extremely lacking.




4/10 Beers!


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