Candyman (1992)

Candyman (1992)

Country:  USA

Director:  Bendard Rose

Main Stars:  Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd

Storyline:  A murderous soul with a hook on his hand is brought to reality from myth from a grad student.










Review (Spoils):  Helen Lyle (Virginia Madse) is a student that needs to write a thesis on myths. She comes across the myth of Candyman (Tony Todd) a one armed man with a hook who appears if you mention his name five times in a mirror. She does not believe in the myth but after a few drinks with her friend they try it out as a joke and bring the mad killer to reality. Through it all she sees things and hears things that bring her to a breaking point. She believes she is going mad and gets labelled as a killer as there is no trace of Candyman that anyone else sees.

Candyman is one of the main icon of horror monsters or villains. Clive Barker has created an eerie monster that can be remembered and to help that process Tony Todd did an amazing job. The sound of his voice is one that is memorable. He played the character out to the max and created something that will last in the history of horror.  The storyline of the history of Candyman is even well written. The creation of Candyman comes from a well groomed man who was a great artist. He had an affair with a daughter of one of his white clients and got her pregnant. The father had revenge over this outrage of this and hunted him down with a mob and cut off his right hand, stripped him naked and smeared him in honeycomb from a mad swarm of bees. He died from massive bee stings.  It’s unique and great!

The film holds some classic scenes also such as the many deep voice sequences in Helens mind, the mirror chant itself, the bloody scene in Anne-Marie’s apartment with the missing baby and of course the end of the film where Helen comes back.

Rating:  This is a classic horror film which is rare for the 90s. If you have not seen this film out there and get it! Grab some beers and get drunk with some friends, look in the mirror and get your chant.




7/10 Beers!


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