Wishmaster (1987)

Wishmaster (1987)

Country:  USA

Director:  Robert Kurtzman

Main Stars:  Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, Robert Englund, Kane Holder, Tony Todd

Storyline:  An evil djinn grants its owner of the red gem three wishes which allows him to bring hell on earth.









Review (Spoils): The story goes that if three wishes are granted on the third wish an unholy legion of djinns is unleashed through a doorway between the outer worlds and earth to wreck havoc. Right now one djinn (Andrew Divoff) is trapped in a red gem called the Stone of Secret Fire. The stone was set in a statue which breaks and the gem gets found and gets placed in an auctioneer’s hand named Alexandra Amberson (Tammy Lauren). The evil djinn get’s released and traps people’s souls from wishes within the stone so that he can unleash the fury of the other djinn.

This film has some gore but nothing over the top we have removal of faces from the morgue, the djinn changing forms as he moves and some over the top , jaw ripping, exploding blood the gore is here in this one. Thank you Wes Craven for that! The make –up and the effects are pretty decent and too be honest the Wishmaster djinn is a classic villain for the late 80s in horror.

Rating: I liked this movie I do not understand why so many people hate this film. It is fun for what it is. We have some classic horror celebs such as Robert Englund, Kane Holder, Tony Todd making appearances and plus it also has Wes Cravens name on the tag. The series is not the greatest but this is fine entry on its own.




6/10 Beers!


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