Unholy Women (Kowai onna) (2006)

Unholy Women (Kowai onna) (2006)

Country:  Japan

Director:  Keita Amemiya, Takuji Suzuki, Keisuke Toyoshima

Main Stars:  Norika Nakagoshi, Teruyuki Kagawa, Nahana, Maki Meguro

Storyline:  Three stories on unrelated items of young women that haunt the sense of reality.













Review (Spoils): This film is made up three short stories of women that haunt or torment people. Sort of like Creepshow type feel but without the comic relationship.

The first film was “Rattle Rattle” is pretty much a Jun-on rip off.  A young woman is being haunted by a ghost like being in red that can walk on walls and ceilings and move in choppy motions.  Nothing really new here and it was the same ol’ same ol’ with the ghost of child except in this case it was a little girl.

The second film the best of the whole lot was called “Steel” this movie was awesome! It was a about a young man who goes out on a blind date with his boss’s sister. What he does not know she is a mutant freak and wears a potato bag over torso and head so nobody can tell. But man she has nice legs! The film is interesting, funny, gory and pretty smart. This short film could have been the whole film and it was would have been awesome. After the storyline was done I wanted more. That’s a good thing!

The last and third film was “The Inheritance” which was a supernatural tale about a woman and her young son and a hidden past of her own childhood.  This kind of leaned more to the other storyline of Jun-on so it was really nothing new in this one but it was still better then the first story.

Rating:  Overall the film was a bit already been done. But the second storyline with the girl in the potato bag was fun, exciting and unique.  The story alone could have been the whole 1.5 hours and I would have scored it even higher! This film was fun for what it was worth and maybe they could continue the series with three new shorts I guess we will see. But I really wish we will see more of the bag lady with the sharp legs!




6/10 Beers! Yacker



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