Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow (2009)

Country:  Norway

Director:  Tommy Wirkola

Main Stars:  Vegar Hoel, Charlotte Frogner, Jeppe Beck Laursen

Storyline:  A ski vacation turns out to be a battle against some Nazi zombies!









Review (Spoils): Some friends hit the mountains to do some skiing and some good country fun. We have the classic old man warning them that the area was used be overrun by Nazi Germans but they were driven into the mountains where they died. Well they have returned as flesh hungry zombies!

This is a fun film and not to be taken serious. We have nice white snow and we have nice red blood. It is a beautiful mix! The film has humour and gore and the some of the scenes are memorable such as the snowmobile scene. The film has severed heads, Nazi flags, machine guns, nasty bites, chainsaws, hammers, axes and classic zombie action. All of this gore is for the loot which the zombies want back.

Rating:  We have blood, guns, zombies and gore! What is there not to love about the film? Yes the storyline can be a bit lame but it was entertaining enough for me.




6/10 Beers!


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