Children of the Corn 2 (1992)

Children of the Corn 2 (1992)

Country:  USA

Director:  David Price

Main Stars:  Terence Knox, Paul Scherrer, Ryan Bollman, Christie Clark

Storyline:  A journalist and her son travel to Gaitlin to follow a story of murdered parents and children in the corn fields.









Review (Spoils): John Garrett and his son Danny head to Gatlin as the children from the small town have been moved to the neighbouring town called Hemmingford. On their journey to Gatlin they come across an orphan named Micah (Ryan Bollman), who just happens to be possessed by He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Danny and Micah becomes fast friend and they influence each other. Oh and somewhere in there Danny starts to love a Lucy (Christie Clark) character.

The story is full of flaws and kind of runs off the tracks from the first film. We have classy deaths like a house falling on a woman, killer corn with wicked godlike powers, a child that loves to stare (Micah) and some junk about how the legend is tied to ruins on stones. The story is just all over the place on this entry. It’s too bad as the original was a classic.

Rating:  This film is really a waste and the series goes to the shits from here on in. I guess you could drink to the word “corn” and get hammered but is it worth the attempt of watching this film?




3/10 Beers!



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