Twitch of the Death Nerve (Bay of Blood) (1971)

Twitch of the Death Nerve (Bay of Blood) (1971)

Country:  Italy

Director:  Mario Bava

Stars:  Claudine Auger, Luigi Pistilli, Claudio Camaso

Storyline: An older woman is killed by husband for the money and through that multiple murders are committed.

220px-TwitchOfTheDeathNerveReview: Countess Federica is hung by her husband and then he is killed by an unknown murder. With the suicide note from the Countess (planted by the husband) no foul play is found. Her estate is a very large mansion overlooking a beautiful Bay that everyone wants. Through this all we find out it was planned by another couple for the husband to murder his wife but they do not know that he is dead also. In the meantime we have teens breaking into the house and party and being murdered one by one in a bloody machete mess.  In all this more people get involved as everyone wants the money.

In this film we have hangings, straggling, floating bodies, bloody machete slayings, spearing, scissor stabbings, nice axe decapitation and the classic gun shooting ending. It’s a bloody good time in this film.

Rating: This film is a classic of the 70s horror era but at the same time the storyline can be a bit of a mess. The ending is so strange that you will be like what the hell was that? In a strange way it just adds to the charm of this bloody classic.


6/10 Beers!




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