Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)

Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)

Country: Italy

Director: Antonio Margheriti

Main Stars: John Saxon, Elizabeth Turner, Giovanni Lombardo

Storyline: Some Vietnam vets bring back a contagious virus which makes you crave human flesh

MV5BMTY3MDk0OTAyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDI3NDkyMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_Review (Spoils): Norman Hopper (John Saxon)  has some terrible nightmare of the days back in Nam but the one that sticks out the most is when his partner John Morghen (Giovanni Lombardo)  bit him. Years have passed but now they find out they are infected with a cannibal like disease which makes them crave human flesh.  This leads to Morghen biting into a woman’s neck and the police tracking him down.

Lots of biting, dreams of eating raw meat, a crazy biker gang and police hold up and a cannibal outbreak in the hospital , that narrow downs the film.  John Saxon is here also in all his sexy glory. Oh and one of the nastiest shotguns to the chest I have seen in awhile.

Rating: John Saxon rocks the horror screen on this one. He is an important part of horror movies of this era. Yes the storyline is weak but original and there is not much cannibalism as the title says. Think Dawn of the Dead meets a virus.

pint pint pint pint pint

5/10 Beers!


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