Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Country: Italy

Director: Mario Bava

Main Stars: Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok, Thomas Reiner,Ariana Gorini, Mary Arden, Lea Lander

Storyline: A murder is killing of beautiful models one by one.

MV5BOTgxNTIwODU4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjk5MjQzMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR6,0,214,317_AL_Review (Spoils): A young model named Isabelle is murdered by a masked person at a boarding house owned by beautiful Countess Christina Como (Eva Bartok) and Max Morlacchi (Cameron Mitchell). When her body is discovered Inspector Silversti (Thomas Reiner) finds out the boarding house is linked to drugs including Isabelle’s then boyfriend Frank. Her diary holds all the secrets that link to her murderer but it falls from multiple hands of models including the murderer who wants the diary.

This is murder mystery that involves beautiful models, a masked character, a missing diary and some nasty gruesome deaths. We have a mallet to the face, nasty burnings, some smothering, drowning in a bath tub, slash of the wrists and a shooting. This is pretty much a murder mystery and lots of blackmail.

Rating: This is a classic Mario Bava film.Beautiful color and visually good this murder mystery will keep you guessing and brings you one of Bava best.

pint pint pint pint pint pint pint

7/10 Beers!




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