Violent Shit (1989)

Violent Shit (1989)

Country: Germany

Director: Andreas Schnaas

Main Stars: Andreas Schnaas, Gabi Bazner, Wolfgang Hinz

Storyline: A crazed madman named K. The Butcher Shitter escapes police and walks around with a massive cleaver.

violent_shit_1989-movie-6Review (Spoils): A young boy kills his mother and gets put away. He is grown up now and is a madman named K. The Butcher Shitter who escapes the police during a transfer. He runs around with his warty, fungus face and a larger then life cleaver. He slaughters anything that gets in his way.

We have some bad make-up, terrible acting, a cardboard cleaver that cuts through anything, blood which looks pinkish and plot that runs a little like nothing but to shock. We have shoulders cut, penises, hedge trimmer chopping, lots of insides coming out. The film is over the top gore but to be honest it does not work as it is so lazy on the storyline.

Rating: I have seen a lot of shitty films in my day but this one is one of the worst. It is gory just to be gory (fine but have a plot!) and the acting is painful. Some of the scenes would have been cool if they would have put some effort into the damn story.


2/10 Beers!


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