Eat the Schoolgirl (1997)

Eat the Schoolgirl (1997)

Country: Japan

Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu

Main Stars: Yuuki Fujita, Michiru Kato, Kozue Aoki

Storyline: Two young adults work for the yakuza gang making rape/snuff films.

indexReview (Spoils): Two sick young adults who work for the yakuza gang making crazy, bloody rape like snuff films. Both f the young people have their own sexual addiction, one is a phone sex addict while the crazier one gets off on mutilated bodies. We have lots of phone sex, masturbation, blood, guts, sperm (lots of it) and some craziness that you probably have never seen on film till now. The plot is not thick but the blood is and so is the issue to just shock the audience. The opening scene of the phone sex is actually a bit erotic and I had high hopes for this film but then it went all out in weirdness and bad taste. The film has such a wild amount of blood and cum together that it is probably something you never seen before on film. The film is short and not very well written. The gore is ok and outside of the first scene the sexuality of it all is very wrong.

Rating: This film is not for everyone. I have seen a lot of weird stuff and bad taste films and this is up there. The opening scene was so good that I had high hopes that this would be done in a dark light of erotic and gore but it is just a splatter how we can shock them more film. Not a easy film to sit through.

pint pint pint

3/10 Beers!


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