Blood Dolls (1999)

Blood Dolls (1999)

Country:  USA

Director:  Charles Band

Main Stars: Jack Maturin, Debra Mayer, William Paul Burns, Jodie Fisher, Persia White, Venesa Talor

Storyline:  A wealthy deformed madman lives out his revenge and fantasies with the help of little servants.

MV5BMTcxMzc5NTQyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTQxNjUyMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR3,0,214,317_AL_Review (Spoils):  Virgil Travis (Jack Maturin) is a mutated psycho who has too much money and time on his hands. His childhood was messed up and he himself has been tormented. He has taken his view of life as pain so he has kidnapped a female rock band and tortures them for fun and starts the killing the game out of boredom. In this tiresome life of his he created a trio of dolls that will kill for him and payback anyone who has wronged him.

Picture a film of twisted romance of love, brutal pain and a low budget. I was expecting something along the lines of The Puppet Master series but this film is not the case. The film sticks to the character build of the massive head Virgil and his path to find true love and be accepted. We have some blood, a dwarf, some goth chicks in a cage jamming and little dolls that like to murder.

Rating:  Not as good as The Puppet Master series but different but unfortunately its falls a little flat because it is just is not unique enough for me. But for a night of nothing to do and you want to see something you have seen yet this is not horrible.

pint pint pint

3/10 Beers!


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