Captain Clegg (1962)

Captain Clegg (1962)

Country: UK

Director: Peter Graham Scott

Main Stars: Peter Cushing, Yvonne Romain, Patrick Allen, Oliver Reed

Storyline: It’s the 18th century and Captain Collier has been hired to figure out and stop all the smuggling.

51-P1lvQBIL__SY300_Review (Spoils): The Royal Crown suspects that there is smuggling happening so they hire Captain Collier and his crew to check it out. When the captain starts to investigate in what is happening out on the foggy seas we learn the haunting tale of Captain Clegg. He suspects that the village vicar is holding a secret and trying to drive away their investigation with such ghost stories.

When I think of Hammer films I think of vampires, monsters and voluptuous women. This film is a lot different than those tales and films. This film is very dark, grainy and sets a morbid mood. Some of the classic parts of the film are when we are introduced to a crew known as the Marsh Phantoms that set the scene with skeletons and skeletal horses. Picture a film of gloominess and a touch of pirate humour and that is what makes this a hidden gem for Hammer films.

I like to mention that both Peter Cushing and beautiful Yvonne Romain stole the stage of this film and of course the perfect gentleman Oliver Reed. When it comes to the cast it screams Hammer but when it comes to the story telling it is something different.

Rating: Not as classic as many other Hammer films so it is not as popular but this still a hidden gem when it comes to horror films of the 60s. This film is also known as Night Creatures but it is hard to not want to sit down and watch Yvonne Romain.

pint pint pint pint pint

5/10 Beers!


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