The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953)

Country: USA

Director: Eugene Lourie

Main Stars: Paul Hubschmid, Paula Raymond, Cecil Kellaway

Storyline:  An ancient beast awakes from the bottom of the sea after some Arctic atomic tests woke it.

MV5BMjE5ODE1NDEzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzkyNDAwMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_Review (Spoils): After some Arctic tests being performed with atomic weapons a frozen dinosaur that was trapped in the bottom of the ocean awakens. This creature known as the rehedosaurus comes back to life and lays boats to waste and sets to attack the city of New York.

We have a dinosaur about the size of tall building that swim attacking boats, swallowing people, some bad acting, great special effects for its time, the classic shark vs. a octopus is worth the film alone. We have lots of low budget fun and it gives you that feeling of an older Japanese sci-fi film.

Rating: It’s the 50s and there was a large amount of monsters on the loose type films and this is one of those classics. Not the greatest film but with a few drinks the times flies by and there is a few spots where I chuckled because it was just beyond silly.

pint pint pint pint pint

5/10 Beers!


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