The New York Ripper (1982)

The New York Ripper (1982)

Country:  Italy

Director: Lucio Fulci

Main Stars: Jack Hedley, Almanta Suska, Howard Ross

Storyline:  A crazy stalker is killing woman around New York City.

MV5BMjE2MTQ5NDEyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTEwMjkxMQ@@__V1_UY268_CR2,0,182,268_AL_Review (Spoils):  We have women that are being stalked and killed within the City of the New York. A dog comes across a woman’s hand that brings the film to the open case. As the police investigate on the hand we learn that it belongs to a local prostitute and that her landlady overheard a conversation with her and a man who sounded like Donald Duck.  (Yes you read that right)

Lucio Fulci is always been known for his crazy cannibal/zombie films but this time he tries something that Dario Argento would of done. We have a burned out old police detective and young psychotherapy professor that try find out who is killing all these young girls with the Donald Duck voice. We have lots of blood, red, gore, lots of switchblades, broken bottles, shotguns and missing fingers. We have a lot of gore in this film.

Rating: Want a film that leaves you going whoa?! I love Lucio Fulci and this film was not disappointing. The killer was unique and I loved the idea of the Donald Duck voice as it is memorable for horror. We have gruesome killings and I can see how this movie landed in the Nasty list. Well done Lucio Fulci!

pint pint pint pint pint pint pint

7/10 Beers!


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