Madman (1982)

Madman (1982)

Country:  USA

Director: Joe Giannone

Main Stars: Gaylen Ross, Tony Fish, Harriet Bass, Paul Ehlers

Storyline:  A madman is brought back to kill in the woods when his name is mentioned, Madman Marz

MV5BMTI1MTk1Nzc3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjIwMjYxMQ@@__V1_UY268_CR2,0,182,268_AL_Review (Spoils):  At a camp we have some counsellors telling tells of a backwoodsman who killed his whole family with an axe and even took that axe to the face himself. The name Madman Marz is told or even whispered his will return to the killing. The ghost tale starts that night back at the camp as the madman returns and starts slaughter them all one by one.

We have throats being ripped out, broken necks, beheadings, stalled cars (very common in 80s slashers), sex in the woods with horny young teens, some skeletons and a nasty fire and talon slash. This film screams 80s and screams a nice Friday the 13th knock off. The acting is poor but for what it is worth the film does have some nice kill scenes and the film moves along nicely. We have a long haired dirty hillbilly with an axe chasing horny teens what is there not too love?

Rating: I’m a huge fan of the Friday the 13th series and love The Burning so I was not expecting much but a wild rip off here. But I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this film and was not overly bothered by some of scenes that were plainly a rip off. Madman Marz is a likeable villain and I can now see where Hatchet might of gotten some of its ideas from.

pint pint pint pint pint pint

6/10 Beers!



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