Slither (2006)

Slither (2006)

Country:  USA

Director: James Gunn

Main Stars: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Tania Saulnier, Jennifer Copping

Storyline:  An alien plague over takes a small town turning people into monsters.

MV5BMjEyNTE0NDI2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODcwODMzMQ@@__V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Review (Spoils):  A comet crashes into the earth and it contains a slug like parasite from outer space. When someone comes across it the slug crawls into the brain and transforms that host into walking monsters. The first host’s wife and the local police try everything in their power to stop the parasite slugs from over taking all of mankind.

We have hot babes, slithering slugs that go up inside your body in all unique and fun ways (let your imagination run wild on this one) and some squid monster action. A film like this has to have a silly side and it works well with the storyline and the plot of characters. The special effects are actually well done and the scenes are memorable and the film is a fun ride.

Rating: We do not see enough monster films and it’s been awhile since we had descent one. I actually like this film! It was a lot of fun and entertaining and I can see how this film paid homage to the classic They Came from Within “Shivers” from Cronenberg. We have over the top gore and blood and some slimy slugs that attaches themselves to hosts in fun ways….fun times!

pint pint pint pint pint pint pint

7/10 Beers!



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