Fear of the Living Dead (2009)

Fear of the Living Dead (2009)

Country:  Canada

Director: Randy Smith

Main Stars: April Campbell, Mike Tarp, Beth Baker

Storyline: Basic zombie short of a man and woman trying to survive a zombie outbreak

Review (Spoils): I came across this film and received a copy as I was at one time going to be a walking zombie in the film as I worked with someone who knew the crew. Time and the planning of kids did not pane out but my friend did make it so I did get a screening of the film. This is Canadian short film on a couple who are trying to survive a zombie outbreak. The film is on limited budget so the acting is limited and so is the plot. The make-up of the zombies themselves are not bad to be honest for a short film and we have decent gore in this short.

We have headshots, slow movie zombies, swarms of zombies, groans and some nasty biting (my favorite is the finger scene as that zombie is my buddy).

Rating: Why place this film on the site? Well for one it’s a horror short and shot locally in Ottawa and two we need to support small time films as someone needs to start somewhere. Hell even Evil Dead was a short at one point. (which I do have a copy of Evil Dead 0).

4/10 Beers!


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