Killer Party (1986)

Killer Party (1986)

Country:  Canada

Director: William Fruet

Main Stars: Martin Hewitt, Ralph Seymour, Elaine Wilkes, Sherry Wilis-Burch, Alicia Fleer, Joanna Johnson

Storyline: A group of young girls try to join a sorority and are part of a hazing at a haunted house.

Review (Spoils): A small group of friends (who look in their thirties so bad selection of girls for the part) want to stick together and join a girls sorority. So to make the cut then need to do a large amount of stupid stuff like stealing shirts from the boys group, setup props, raw egg eating, goats eyes and goat heads. While this is going on for a near hour of the film, we have backstory (with lack of information) of a once man named Adam who was killed and haunting and old sorority house.

This movie did not age well. The film is acting silly and boring for the first hour … if you can survive it then the actual last part is actually entertaining. Outside the stupidness of the storyline when the haunting possession kicks in it is actual fun ride for about 15-20min. The special effects of the demon possession is actually fun and well done. It reminded actual of Evil Dead for the last 15min. too bad the film is poor and boring till that point.

Rating: Not the greatest 80s horror film at all. It is stupid when it comes to all the college crap and boy chasing crap. However, if you can get past that the ending is entertaining and the special effects are cool. So we have 80s chicks, tight t-shirt boys and a bee scene which gives us the typical 80s TA.

3/10 Beers!


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