The Rezort (2015)

The Rezort (2015)

Country:  UK

Director:  Steve Barker

Main Stars:  Dougray Scott, Jessica De Gouw, Claire Goose, Elen Rhys, Martin McCann

Storyline:  Tourists get to go to an island and shoot zombies, but things go wrong.

Review (Spoils): After a zombie outbreak and the people are in control of the world again. A company decides that they can setup an island and place the undead there so that people can pay to go out and shoot the zombies in the so called wild. They call this a Zafari and when a group of young individuals decide to go out all hell breaks loose when the security fails.

The film had an idea and it could have been like another spin off the Night of the Living Dead Romero’s movies, but it did not build enough backstory. It jumped way to fast into what it is now and get to the island and start to shoot zombies. The characters did not have enough time in the story to build that you cared and really many them are idiots or assholes. So, you did not root for them nor cared if they got eaten. As the Wilton (Claire Goose) struggles because the security has been breached and the zombies start to go out in the wild and attack the paid tourists she hits the security system which is blow up the damn island.

Zombies with good special effects and make up was shocking done well for a lower budget film but that was about it. Zombies should not be able to run! Plan and simple stop it now! We have blood, some bites and way to many gun shots for my liking in a horror film. The acting was okay but the characters were very lacking and made some shitty decisions which I had a hard time to handle.


Rating:  Basically, the whole the film is zombies running around (literally running sigh) and attacking people as they try to escape one by one and shoot them. I personally am not a fan of running zombies at all and also not a big shoot them up movie guys, so this film was not winning my attention from the get go. But we had two cuties in the film Jessica De Gouw and Elen Rhys so that held my attention enough for the review as the rest was just okay. By the way the ending….. just ended.

4/10 Beers!



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