Jigsaw (Saw VIII) (2017)

Jigsaw (Saw VIII) (2017)

Country: USA

Director:  Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig

Main Stars: Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie, Hannah Emily Anderson, Laura Vandervoort, Cle Bennett

Storyline:  Several bodies are found could the Jigsaw killer be back from the dead?

Review (Spoils): Bodies start to turn up around the city and killed in unique ways this opens the police investigation to see if the Jigsaw killer is back from the dead.  After looking into who is doing the killing and how is it possible the police and detectives start to track it down that Jigsaw is back or there is a copy killer out there.

So back to the Saw series and yes, I have not reviewed them all in order yet. This one is a little slower on the pace and at first, I was not sure about it. The film jumps right into who are the players and the game of death. Which is fine as this has been done pretty much with all the movies of the series. We have some detectives that are trying to track down who is the Jigsaw killer or is he back from the dead. As this is going on we learn about Logan (Matt Passmore) who works as mortician and his redheaded partner Eleanor (Hannah Emily Anderson).   The story bounces back and forth from a group that are being tested and killer one by one by the fancy traps set by the killer and the police investigation. But unlike the others of the series this one does struggle with a few items.

First off the traps and puzzles in this one just seemed dumb and lazy overall. There was nothing that really screamed cool. We have lots of needles, chains around necks, buckets over the head, a strange motorcycle setup, some buzz saws, acid in the head, shotgun to the face, nasty leg cut, a slicer and a stupid laser cutter scene. Way too many needles in this one that I could not even count them all. Yes, there is blood and gore, but the Jigsaw traps just seemed dull. Secondly what in the dear god happened to Hannah Emily Anderson! Her acting in this was horrible or maybe it was just the character not being believable. Thank god she is easy on the eyes as she drove me nuts with her fake dialogue. What a car wreck!

What kind of worked was Anna (Laura Vandervoort) who is very hot but can entertain. Her character was great and the storyline behind her is great. She and the great Tobin Bell as Jigsaw was worth the watch.

Rating:  The series is running out of steam and should just close soon. The kills are lame, and the storyline seems to be in a loop. Really how many times can they use the same hook. The one scene with the falling weapons in the grain silo was enough to make me scream at the screen on how stupid these puzzles can be but then it hit a even lower low with the final death scene with the laser cutter and the cheesy CGI. Really too bad as it had some babies and it use to be a daring and unique series.

5/10 Beers!


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