Girl on the Third Floor (2019)

Girl on the Third Floor (2019)

Country: USA

Director:  Travis Stevens

Main Stars:  C.M. Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks, Travis Delgado, Elissa Dowling

Storyline:  Husband with a dark past gets an old house ready for his pregnant wife that is coming to move there soon. While getting the house ready he is visited by the neighbor pastor and a seductive young girl. All they are all connected to something else.

Review (Spoils): Don (C.M. Punk) has a dark past with booze and fraud and when he sets out to the country to get a very old house setup for his wife (Trieste Kelly Dunn) things go odd. He is visited from the pastor across the street who is asking personal questions and late at night a young blonde (Sarah Brooks) visit also very seductively. As he becomes unloyal yet again things start to unfold around the house as we are slowing fixing pipes, drywall and painting. Even his dog has the jitters.

The acting of the film was not bad to be honest and the story line did unfold well. Sure, neither the husband or the wife is lovable characters and the young seductress was well attractive and entertaining but some of the items did not sit well. The flashback vision towards the end was questionable but I guess it was there way of explaining it more in detail but the gruesome woman in the wall idea was a bit of stretch. They should have just stuck to the plot with just the young woman. The film does build the characters, but I believe the main characters had to be some likable for us to even want to cheer them on. C.M. Punk was a bit of dope and Trieste Kelly Dunn’s character screamed bitch.

The movie gives us blood and lots of gooey messes. Random ooze from walls and pipes, nasty blades cuts throughout, a nice head rip, a nasty sledgehammer to the face, something in the dryer (no spoil), the sexy Sarah Brooks and of course the odd dead corpses in the wall. The special effect were actual not bad for this rate of film.

Rating:  I would not say the film was scary, but the film was entertaining enough, and I enjoyed it. Not sure why this film was so many bad reviews as I thought it was a pretty decent flick for what it was. But then again it had the hot chick Sarah Brooks and gore so with that I was sold right there.

6/10 Beers!



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