The Nun (2018)

The Nun (2018)

Country: USA

Director:  Corin Hardy

Main Stars:  Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Bonnie Aarons, Irgrid Bisu

Storyline:  A young nun and a priest with a past investigates a disturbance at a sacred site located in Romania where a nun was found hanging.

Review (Spoils): This storyline and film is a prequel storyline from The Conjuring series. A young nun (Taissa Farmiga) who has not done her final vows is investigating along with a middle-aged priest (Demian Bichir) into why a young nun was found hanging at a sacred site. After venturing off into the forest led by another young man (Jonas Bloquet) who is hired to bring supplies that come to the old ruins. Once within the ruins a lost ancient key led to haunting and demonic possessions that bring forth the dread of the place.

First off, I personally do not understand why the Nun really needed her backdrop story as she could have just stayed with the original series. I personally find the whole Conjuring series becomes a mess as they are trying to damn hard to make this series into multiple eras and storylines when it was fine just on its own.  The whole film is low on character development and focuses way too much on how much can we try to scare the audience with jump scares over and over. Some of the dialogue in the movie is very cheesy and even some of the interaction between the characters are barf worthy. (the lust connection between the two young people). The movie does well when it comes to special effects, I will give it that, but the storyline is dry and could have been told in 20min.

The Nun does give us like I mentioned some cool graphics and effects like the Nun herself (Bonnie Aarons), some cool floating scenes, burning bodies, snakes out of mouths, lots of pentagrams, a beheading, crows munching on bodies, hanging and some cool eye makeup and possessions.

Rating:  The movie did not have to be made and could have been just a side background on The Conjuring series (screams cash grab). The characters were not easy to get into, but the special effects were enjoyable enough to get over the boredom of this film.  The best part of the film is the final scene where the connection is done and to be honest that’s all that could have been done to save time and money. Am I Conjuring fan, sure the series is decent? Do I feel it is a classic no not all? In my 40 years of watching horror films there are way more classics series than this one to cash in on.

4/ 10 Beers!



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