Rise of the Zombie (2013)

Rise of the Zombie (2013)

Country: India

Director:  Luke Kenny, Devaki Singh

Main Stars:  Luke Kenny, Kirti Kulhari, Ashwin Mushran

Storyline:  A young photographer gets bit while alone out in the wild and becomes something feral

Review (Spoils): Young dink photographer Neil (Luke Kenny) comes and goes as he pleases. His girlfriend Vinny (Kirti Kulhari) gets finally fed up and leaves him. He takes off yet again in the forest somewhere isolated and alone and before you know it he gets mysteriously bit by something and things start to transform him.  Before long he is rotting and craving fresh meat and insects.

Let’s start with the good, the beautiful Kirti Kulhari was amazing and worth the watch. Another surprising good was the gore and special effects. Yes, it did have a Cabin Fever type feel but I was surprised by the transformation of the main character.

Okay now the bad which unfortunately destroyed this film, the goddamn music scenes! 50% of the time of this film I felt like I was watching cheap music videos on some TV station. All the music scenes were long and totally pointless. Each scene could have been a quick scene of the what was happening in the story. That’s it! It was beyond annoying and knocks this film right off the raider. Second downfall of the film was the flashbacks when he was struggling with what was going on in the transformation. Cheezie and much like the crap music scenes way too long and focused on it.

Rating:  Basically, this film was good gore and effects for a music video of a man who is alone and turning into a zombie in the forest. There you go I saved you some time!

3/10 Beers!


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