Beers and Body Parts

Maybe it was because I was born and raised in a boring small town or perhaps something inside me is just a tad wrong.  Growing up in the mid-70’s I had an interest in things that were strange and not quite right. My favorite game was Dungeons and Dragons and my favourite bands were Motley Crue, W.A.S.P, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. Even now I enjoy things that are a bit dark and sometimes frightening. Why would my love for movies be any different?

It was the very early 80s and my parents watched a lot of movies: everything from Animal House to On Golden Pond to Poltergeist on that laser disc player – before VHS and the one that you had to flip the movie half way through. One weekend my parents brought home a few movies but one that really stuck in my head was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was a Sunday afternoon in the living room mom popped in the movie with several warnings for us “not to be scared”. I sat there at the ripe age of 7 with my blanket over my eyes and began my journey into the world of horror movies.

Thirty some years later my journey still has not ended with a collection of over 700 horror movies and still growing. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains my favorite to this day. Only now I have given up the blanket and exchanged it for a nice cold beer to celebrate the cold body parts on the screen.

Crack open a cold one with me and bottoms up to Beers and Bodyparts!!!



The Best way to Search

  • Use the Categories’ or Tags. If you want to search by rating in the search type the “# beers” it should bring up a list of the movies within that rating of mine.


How my ratings work?

10 Beers – Very rare, come on its horror films the movie can’t be flawless! 🙂

9 Beers –  Awesome, should be watched by all types of movie fans over and over again

8 Beers – Its a horror classic and should be watched over and over

7 Beers – Its still a horror classic but might not be for everyone, but I would watch over and over again

6 Beers – Pretty decent horror film and worth seeing once

5 Beers – Ok horror film but not necessary to watch again

4 Beers – Ok but lots of flaws , could of been better

3 Beers – Could not been made and it wouldn’t of mattered

2 Beers – Need lots of beers to get through the film

1 Beer – BOMB, not worth the time wasted and the money for the film.

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