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Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964)

Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964)

Country:  USA

Director:  Robert Aldrich

Main Stars:  Bette Davis, Oliva de Havilland, Joseph Cotton, Ages Moorehead, Victor Buono

Storyline:  A young woman is blamed for the murder of her ex boyfriend as he admits he still loves his wife.

Review (Spoils): Charlotte Hollis (Bette Davis) is young and innocent except for her affair with a married man. When her dad (Victor Buono) threatens the young man and he is found murdered, only Charlotte is to blame. Years pass, and she has slowly gone mad with dreams of ghosts, guilt and the taunting of the town.

Bette Davis returns to the horror screen this time in a very similar character as Whatever Happened to Baby Jane but because of this it harms the film. The story line of this one is much like Dementia 13 meets something from Hitchcock but lacking the in pace. The film is long and can be long winded until it starts to unfold in the last 30min. The storyline bounces around too much on Charlotte going mad and reliving over and over again the visions of the late John and trying to please her father. Until more of the past characters start to make appearance and the tale starts to unfold on what really did happen to John that night of the party.

The film is more of ghost like madness tale then relying on blood and gore, but it does have a neat beheading, chopped of hand and some minor blood. So not bad for its time.

Rating:  Trying so hard to become the next Whatever Happened to Baby Jane this one flunks on boredom. It would have not been that bad of a film if it wasn’t for the length of it and the back and forth on the madness. The film worked on the story line and the characters, but it just was too goddamn long for what it was worth. Bette Davis, Oliva de Havilland did steal the show but for some reason I found Victor Buono the true monster of the film.

4/10 Beers!


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