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Bad Biology (2008)

Bad Biology (2008)

Country:  USA

Director:  Frank Henenlotter

Main Stars: Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed

Storyline:  A young man and woman are looking for sexual fulfillment and when they met it turns into a freaky and bloody love story.

Review (Spoils): Ok they only way to review this film is to spoil it so here we go. We have the young beautiful Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) who was born with seven clits, yes, I just said seven! She is impossible to satisfy because of the gender disorder (or is it a blessing?). She is such as fiend sexually and wants to finally be satisfied that sometimes she accidently kills her partners. In due time she comes across a male version much like herself name Batz (Anthony Sneed ). He does not seven penises, but he does have a monster one that goes out at night and kills and cause massive organisms. Okay are you still here?

This film has some of the crazy’s special effects of organs you will see, there is lot of blood and gore, mutant babies, wrestling penises, a jerking machine and some extreme wrongness that I could go on and on. Just watch the damn film! This is a trash classic!

Rating:  If you have no idea who Frank Henenlotter is just walk away as he is one of the gods of horror trash much like Lloyd Kaufman. I personally love the grindhouse trash of horror so of course I am going to enjoy this film as I love to see stuff push the boundaries or wrongness. This is a film which I can say sits well in my collection along with Frankenhooker, Basket Case, Brain Damage or even Nekromantik. Charlee Danielson is beautiful in this film and should be cherished in the world of horror. All Hail the Queen of the 7 Clits!

8/10 Beers! (Trash factor high)


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