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First Born (2016)

First Born (2016)

Country:  UK

Director:  Nirpal Bhogal

Main Stars:  Antonia Thomas, Luke Norris, Thea Petrie

Storyline:  A child is born but it leads to a dark entity that haunts the family.

Review (Spoils): When young Charlie (Antonia Thomas) finds out she is pregnant she was not sure what to expect. She tells her boyfriend James (Luke Norris) and they start a new life together. The pregnancy starts to show signs that something is not normal (like claw marks on the belly) and once baby Theo is born things go to Hell. James reaches out to his estrange father who just happens to know about occult. Some strange rules are explained to them form the discovery, like not allowing Theo to have an actual toy doll with a face as she is surround by evilness. Theo gets older and learns to control the strangeness by lying in a circle with candles and yada yada until the evil starts to get out of control.

So that is the simple part of the plot of this story line. As the movie moves it get way more confusing as they add more people who have occult experience into the film. I think they did this to help clarify the reasoning but to be honest it literally confuses the fuck out of the story. I was lost at some point because it stopped to make sense or even lost its reality. Yes, the movie was done on a lower budget but in this one its not the effects that failed but the script. The doll face was an example of “really that seems dumb” and the haunting itself were not overly shocking and you can tell its going to happen before it even does as its cliché.


Rating:  The title is confusing even as there are several films that fall under this category that it had me wondering if I already seen this film? So, the story is not overly new, and the story line is a bit of mess and the scares are not that original. So overall you could skip this one and you would not know the difference. Also, the scene at the beginning with the drinking and barfing and whatever in the alley that was too long of scene and pointless really, but maybe I am old and sooner drink alone.

4/10 Beers


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