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Candyman 2 (1995)

Candyman 2 (1995)

Country: USA

Director: Bill Condon

Main Stars: Tony Todd, Kelly Rowan, William O’Leary

Storyline: Candyman is back and this time he is haunting a young woman whose family was connected to the killer.

MV5BMTgyNzIwOTkwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNzIzNTE5__V1_SY317_CR3,0,214,317_Review (Spoils): Candyman (Tony Todd) is back and moves from Chicago to New Orleans. During Mardi Gras Candyman starts to haunt a young school teacher named Annie Tarrant (Kelly Rowan) as she does not believe in him and her father was murdered in a Candyman way. She becomes trapped in his seductive voice, followings and of course murder and bees. We have gruesome hook killings and learn more about Candyman’s past and how he was wrong and that’s why he haunts everyone.

The story is not as original as the first entry, pretty much the same feel as Candyman wants sweet Kelly Rowan for himself. The film delivers the blood but the there just was not enough to hold it to the same alter as the first one. They could have just left the story as is with one film, but yet again Tony Todd as Candyman rocks.

Rating: Same deal as the first one really except we have more bees and learn more about Candyman’s past. Plus you get to see Kelly Rowan before her great fame on TV.


5/10 Beers!


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