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Bride of the Re-animator (1989)

Bride of the Re-animator (1989)

Country:  USA

Director:  Brian Yuzna

Main StarsJeffery Combs, Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones, Fabiana Udenio, Kathleen Kinmont

Storyline:  Dr. Herbert West is back and this time he wants to create the perfect woman from dead tissue.









Review (Spoils): Dr. Herbert West (Jeffery Combs) and Dr.Cain (Bruce Abbott) are working on creating life from dead tissue by using tissue from wounded soldiers. Lt. Leslie Chapham (Claude Earl Jones) figures out something is up when body parts start going missing. During which Dr.West gets rid of the snoopy Chapman and brings him back with the serum. This leads to Gloria’s death, they use her head and the heart of Meg (Kathleen Kinmont) and other parts of women to make the new type of woman that represents his past girlfriend.

This is a great sequel to awesome film. Lots of gore and blood and fun just like the first film. Once again Jeffery Combs does an awesome job as the mad doctor and even are even graced by the beautiful Fabiana Udenio. This film did remind me of the classic Frankenhooker but yet better.

Rating:  Another Re-animator classic film for the series. Not as great as the first film but I love the way the horror and the comedy mend together to make a classic series.  Drink up for the bride!




6/10 Beers!


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Re-Animator (1985)

Re-Animator (1985)

Country:  USA

Director:  Stuart Gordon

Main Stars:  Jeffery Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton

Storyline:  A medical student and his girlfriend become involved in an experiment that involves bring the dead back to life.










Review (Spoils):  Herbert West (Jeffery Combs) is a mad scientist who is working on a formula that can bring the dead back to life.  Unfortunately he has not mastered the glowing formula. He rents a room from another student named Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) and drags him into his madness. In this they re-animate a dead cat, multiple dead people during a testing result, zombie mania, zombie bodies holding talking heads and even moving body parts.  Oh and the dean’s daughter Barbara (Barbara Crampton) is involved as Dan is dating her in secret.

This movie is very entertaining and it is always fun to come back too. The gore is there, the comedy is there and the storyline is a zombie version of Frankenstein. Jeffery Combs is a great actor and becomes a memorable horror character of Herbert West and hats off to him for his skills in this film and thanks to Stuart Gordon for creating such a fun series.

Rating:  If you’re a horror fan and you like a side of comedy with it…this is a must see. I place this film right up there with Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive.  This is zombie fun at its best and this is beginning of the demented mind of Herbert West. Got to love the dead cat scene!!! Bring on the beers for this one and add some green glowing food colouring for more fun!




8/10 Beers!


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