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Friday the 13th 8 (1989)

Friday the 13th 8 (1989)

Country: USA

Director: Rob Hedden

Stars: Jensen Daggett, Kane Hodder, Todd Caldecott, Barbara Bingham, Tiffany Paulsen, Charles McCulloch

Storyline: A school trip goes to New York on a boat and Jason follows

imagesReview (spoils): The cute Rennie (Jensen Daggett ) has some issues and she decides to go on a school trip with some not so friendly schoolmates. She has an issue with water because of her childhood and arsehole uncle but she goes anyways. Oh and the boat gets a new passenger named Jason Voorhees who was revived by a underwater power line and climbs on to the boat. The film moves in the same vein as many of the others, Jason kills teenagers and when the victims escape and float to New York he follows there also.

We have the basic axes, harpoons, breaking necks, face smashing, guitar to the face, heroin needle through the body and the classic punch the head off. The film lacks in gore and major blood but we have Hodder once again playing the maniac. For the lack of gore, stupid deaths and too much 80s feel (aka the rocker chick was the lamest yet in the series) the movie fails. This is not counting the stupid dream sequences of Jason as a little boy throughout the boat and the ending.

Rating: The film fails for the series as its lame and too cheesy. The whole idea was wrong and they should have left it back to the lake. Brought it all back to basics for this entry but they missed the boat (get it?).


4/10 Beers!


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