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Wishmaster 3 (2001)

Wishmaster 3 (2001)

Country:  USA

Director:  Chris Angel

Main Stars:  Jason Connery, A.J Cook, Tobias Mehler, Lousiette Geiss, Daniella Evangelista, Emmanuelle Vaugier, John Novak

Storyline:  The Djinn is back and causes terror at a University.

Review (Spoils): Student working on a project on ancient mythology unleash the djinn (John Novak) again upon the University. He is granting wishes to open the gates of Hell yet again.  This time the evil lord is going against the lovely Diana (A.J Cook) who by accident unleashed him and now trying to trick her into her three wishes. When he does not get his way, he tries to use his charm for sexual advances and death to all upon the campus.

This film for the series starts to lose its fun and goes downhill. Number one the djinn in this one is not even scary and the human guise of Jason Connery is horror upon itself. We have some fun lovely and attractive women, which we all know Jason Connery does not have a hope in hell with in real life.  Cheesy electric special effects, laser swords, some blood, bad one liners makes this film fall from the once great Wishmaster series. The seduction and overlays in this film are bad and the exploding heart brings the wishes to the lamest yet. In addition, the St. Michael story add in please leave this at the door.

Rating:  I personally enjoyed the first two films of this series not sure, if it was because Andrew Divoff is gone as the main Djinn or this film was just stupid and poorly written. This movie was lacking on budget and tried to survive by through babes in it. We should have stuck with just the first two.

2/10 Beers!



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