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The Howling 2 (1985)

The Howling 2 (1985)

Country:  USA

Director:  Philippe Mora

Main Stars:  Christopher Lee, Annie McEnroe, Reb Brown, Sybil Danning

Storyline:  At Karen Whites funeral her brother gets in involved as the werewolves want to remove her body from hallow ground.









Review (Spoils):  This continues where the first movie began. Karen’s brother Ben (Reb Brown) and a reporter friend of her named Jenny Templeton (Annie McEnroe) get caught into a mystery and story that Karen was a werewolf. After being confronted by Stefan Crosscoe (Christopher Lee)he learn quickly that she was a werewolf and the cult is now back and they want to remove Karen’s body and get ready for a tribal ritual under the ruler ship of a female pack leader named Striba (Sybil Danning).

This film is a disaster all around, poor Christopher Lee is be involved in this. This film screams 80s so much it stinks (the punk band parts blows chuncks). We are tormented with cheesy wolf costumes, too fast storyline with stupid plot, the acting is just low grade like a 4 year old and edits between scenes like it’s a porno just does not make sense. The only good thing in this film is the 80s babe Sybil Danning but even then she is garbed like a punk rock terminator in the end it’s just stupid. Sure we have good ol wolf sex and lots of it but the cheesy of the flames, electricity and effects ruin the whole film. There is no saving this.

Rating:  The best part was the exploding eyes but that is not enough to make up with the torture of this film of a long series. It’s too bad it went this way as the first film was a gem.  Don’t even bother opening a beer for this one as it unless you need to see this, than better drink a ton before.




3/10 Beers!


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Dracula : Prince of Darknes (1966)

Dracula : Prince of Darknes (1966)

Country: UK

Director: Terence Fisher

Stars: Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley, Andrew Keir, Suzan Farmer, Philip Latham

Storyline: Two couples get stranded and a mysterious horse and coach picks them up. The coach arrives to Count Dracula’s castle where his loyal servant Klove hopes to resurrect the prince of darkness.








Review (spoils): Leading as a sequel to Hammer Films Horror of Dracula we have this fine gem. Two young couples get stranded in the gothic land near Count Dracula’s castle and his mad loyal servant Klove (Philip Latham) brings them to the castle as guests. Klove kills one of the gentleman and hangs him over the vampire’s coffin and slits his throat and the blood resurrects Dracula (Christopher Lee) once again. We have great acting and lots of red blood in this one. Dracula has no real lines in this film but he still at his greatness that Christopher Lee can do. We have throats slits, bites, stakes, fly eating and even the death of Dracula as they play the history of the free of running water (he dies in a collapse into the water underneath the castle). The Kolve character alone in this film is great as he plays the madman who wants the prince of darkness to rise again!

Rating: I would have to say this film is a good if not better than Horror of Dracula. The storyline is strong and yet again this is one of Hammer’s best.




8/10 Beers!


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Horror of Dracula (1958)

Horror of Dracula (1958)

Country:  UK

Director:  Jimmy Sangster

Main Stars: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough, Melissa Striblin, Carol Marsh

Storyline:  Dracula wants revenge on the Harker family and hunt them down including haunting his fiancée Lucy Holmwood. Only Dr. Van Helsing can stop him!










Review (Spoils):  This screams classic Hammer and it is! We have Peter Cushing playing the classic Dr. Van Helsing trying to track down and destroy his arch nemesis Dracula, who is played by none other than Christopher Lee.  Christopher Lee makes Dracula actually be frightening and not slick. We have the first of the many times Christopher Lee plays the character and it is the best. We have the fangs, blood and the red eyes. This is the way Dracula is remember and portrayed. We have true eroticism in the film that follows Dracula and many other Hammer films.  We got blood, we have bosoms, blood dripping coffins, lots of burning flesh from crosses and one of the best of Hammer horror.

Rating: This is the best Dracula out there, this movie rules when it comes to horror or Hammer films overall. You cannot go wrong with this film Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are top notch in this film and created some of the most classic characters in horror.




8/10 Beers!


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The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

Country:  UK

Director:  Terence Fisher

Main Stars: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Hazel Court

Storyline:  Dr. Frankenstein recalls the tale of the creation of the monster.








Review (Spoils): Hammer is back on my horror list and this time we have Peter Cushing playing Dr. Frankenstein and Christopher Lee playing the monster.  The storyline is pretty much the same as we have a young Frankenstein trying to create life but this time not using lightning but using a liquid formula. We have Hazel Court playing the voluptuous redhead that loves the doctor and tries her hardest to have his full attention instead of dealing with secret experiments.  The acting in the film is very well done and the storyline is not that far off from the Universal one but the monster make-up for Christopher Lee is semi poor and that really takes away from the film.  I know Hammer tried to do something unique but I just cannot get past the bluish rubber skin and the seam located along the neckline.  This looks a little too amateur for Hammer films and there just was not enough meat in the film keep myself on my toes.

Rating:  Not a bad movie but I have seen better Hammer films. I was excited to check this out but was let down on how bad the makeup was done in this film. Peter Cushing did an amazing job playing the doctor but there just was not enough going on to keep my interest like other Hammer films.




5/10 Beers!


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