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Triangle (2009)

Triangle (2009)

Country: UK

Director: Christopher Smith

Main Stars: Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Jack Taylor, Rachael Carpani, Henry Nixon, Emma Lung, Michael Dorman

Storyline: A yachting trip goes wrong when they hit with odd weather and aboard another ship for help.

MV5BMjIzNDEwNDE5MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjUwOTIxMw@@._V1_SY317_CR16,0,214,317_AL_Review (Spoils): A group of young passengers go on a trip on the Atlantic Ocean on yacht to get away. A mysterious black cloud storm hits them out of nowhere and flips their boat. Stranded on boat of the boat looking for lost friends and help they come across a large cruise ship. Once aboard the ship it seems deserted but the victims feel the presence of someone on the ship. Out of nowhere a masked man starts targeting them but in the confusion young Jess (Melissa George) is being targeted as hunter. Through multiple time wraps and mind tricks Jess figures it out that she is the key.

I personally do not want to spoil the whole idea and plot here as it is one of those films which it plays a mind game and you’re trying to figure it out. Defiantly a film that you could discuss with someone after the fact on what it is going on and what it is about. I’m personally thought the film to be confusing and the horror was not really there for me. Melissa George did an excellent job playing the lead but to me it was too confusing just to be confusing.

Rating: If you Twilight Zone type horror then this film will be up your alley. I don’t mind films that make you think but sometimes it becomes too much over take the experience of the film. The film was nicely done and it does make you think and you have to pay very close attention or you’re going to miss the point like I did the first time.

pint pint pint pint pint pint

6/10 Beers!


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Creep (2004)

Creep (2004)

Country:  UK

Director:  Christopher Smith

Main Stars:  Vas Blackwood, Ken Campbell, Franka Potente

Storyline:  At a London subway station a woman is being stalked and hunted down by a monster.









Review (Spoils): Kate (Franka Potente) falls asleep on the subway and wakes up trapped in the dark tunnels after hours. She soon discovers that she is not alone in the dark and she stumbles upon a homeless couple and a strange monsterous beast that haunts the tunnels at night. Turns out the beast or stalker are a mutated man (big surprise) and he is using her for food. Kate gets caught and is contained in a thing of water she escapes and fights the creep to the death. This involves a chain around its neck and the train tracks. No it is not an electrocution as planned but a nice gory throat rip.

We have a something kind of new with this one unlike the million and one redneck mutated killer movies. I like the crib idea and how it might play that the creep was a survivor a semi bad abortion or he is just some mad mutant that haunts the tunnels. But other than that the film is what it is.

Rating: Franka Potente is easy on the eyes; we have a redneck type stalker in the subway tunnels with a background with no solid ground. Overall not a bad film but there are better ones out there but it was better than Raw Meat.




5/10 Beers!


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