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Deep Red (1975)

Deep Red (1975)

Country:  Italy

Director:  Dario Argento

Main Stars: David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodim Gabriele Lavia

Storyline:  A musician witness a murder of a famous psychic and the murder will do anything to hide their tracks.

6305807957_01__SCLZZZZZZZ_Review (Spoils):  We have the opening scene of music and screams, a bloody knife and some young feet.  Welcome to the tension and mood of a Dario Argento film! The famous psychic Helga witness and visions something along the lines of murder and she gets slaughtered in her apartment later on. All we see as an audience is a brown raincoat and some leather gloves. This leads to a “who done it? ” chase that Dario is famous for in his horror films.

Dario has stepped away from the witch’s tale in this one and works on the murder of a psychic and the witness that helps a reporter to crack the case. We have some nasty red blood, cleavers, smashed windows, and creepy children’s music known as House of the Screaming Child, drowning, lots of stabbings, a gory vehicle drag and a great decapitation. The film is based on a guessing game on who is the murder and what eerie tale is going to be the backdrop of the film (after all it is a Dario film).

Rating:  I’m going to be honest Deep Red is one of the least confusing of the horror films of Dario Argento. He is a horror genius on what he does but at the same time some of his classics can get lost in translation and symbolism. Sure he does present some over the top scenes for no real reason but to shock but the story does have a haunting feeling to it.

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7/10 Beers!


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