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P (2005)

P (2005)

Country:  Thailand

Director:  Paul Spurrier

Main Stars:  Suangporn Jaturaphut, Dean Barrett, Shaun Delaney

Storyline:  A young girl learns magic from her grandmother and as she is shipped to be a sex worker, she makes all pay.

Review (Spoils): A young girl named Dau (Suangporn Jaturaphut) is taught ways of dark magic from her grandmother back in the swampland. When her grandmother falls ill, she is forced to work in a go-go bar which leads to sex trafficking. As people start to make fun of her and make her life hell, she starts to work out the dark magic for revenge.

This film is a lot of fun think Carrie meets some type of dark ghost like film. The story line was enough that you felt for the girl and wanted to follow the film through. Sure, it hits some touchy topics, but I believe that was the point of the film to make you feel uncomfortable. The film is made up of several girls that work for a mamma that treats the girls like a number for money. As the girl start to stab each other in the back for business and nastiness the occult piece starts to show.

The film gives us young girls discussing topics around sleeping with dirty old men, ghost like makeup, raw meat eating, nasty nice cuts, lots of red blood, flashy lights and some really cool connections when it comes to female relationships. The film is very strong on character building and that alone keeps the film moving.

Rating:  This film caught me off guard, it was decent. The story alone was worth it and extra red blood was just a bonus. If you have not checked this out yet go out and do it. It is something fresh and interesting. Well done Suangporn Jaturaphut.

6/10 Beers!


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