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Brain Damage (1988)

Brain Damage (1988)

Country:  USA

Director:  Frank Henenlotter

Main StarsRick Hearst, Gordon Macdonald, Jennifer Lowry

Storyline:  A small alien attaches himself to the back of a young man head. The alien gives him a euphoric state of enjoyment but in return he demands human victims for his hunger.








Review (Spoils):  Frank Henenlotter you have done it again! We have the young horny Brian (Rick Hearst) who becomes dependant on this small bluish penis shaped alien that actually is a great singer. He becomes over taken by him (he names himself Elmer) as the brain attached sicko injects a hormone into his brain who makes him fly high. But Brian gets caught up in the slaughter as Elmer craves brains. Brian starts to search for floozies, druggies and any low life to help Elmer get his needs so that he can get his too. Keep an eye out for the classic blow job scene.

This movie is fun, sick, twisted and better than Basket Case. Elmer becomes a classic horror monster of the B-movies of horror of the 80s. Rick Hearst does a great job playing the addict and Elmer is just so damn cute.

Rating:  Elmer rocks! This movie is so messed up on so many levels that it cannot go wrong.  This is one of favourite B-Horror films as it’s just so distasteful and it’s a trip all in its own. Grab some serious pints for this one and enjoy the ride!




7/10 Beers!


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