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Dog Soldiers (2002)

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Country: UK

Director: Neil Marshall

Main Stars: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby

Storyline: In Scotland a military exercise turns out to be a hunting ground for werewolves

MV5BMTUzNzAzMDgzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzQ4NTk2__V1_SX214_AL_Review (Spoils): Campfire stories tell tales of about haunting of beasts in the Scotland area but a British Squad ignore them to find out they might be true. They come across bloody remains of past squads and they start to be hunted down. This leads them to run into a zoologist named Megan (Emma Cleasby). She knows well what is hunting them, its werewolves.

These werewolves are blood thirsty as we have branch impaling, bites, cows flying, heads flying, explosions and some good werewolf times. Bringing out the gore and blood in this one, this is action packed for a werewolf film. There is a couple classic scenes in this film such as the dog fight for his intestines and the of course the flying cow. The effects even for the werewolves themselves are not bad overall.

Rating: This is one of the better werewolf films out there; I personally place this one along with Ginger Snaps for this era. It’s no American Werewolf in London but it will survive the test of time for werewolf films in horror. Grab some pints and cook up some sausages as this is a fun film all around.

 pint pint pint pint pint pint pint

7/10 Beers!



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